Sunday Notes – Dec. 31, 2017

Sunday Notes: Dec. 31st, 2017:

We wish you a Happy New Year filled with the Lord’s Blessings

1- Monday Jan. 1st, world day of peace, New Year’s Mass at Mar Abraham 6:30 PM.

2- Friday Jan. 5th, is the 1st of the month, prayers and Adoration at 5:00PM, Benediction at 6:15 PM, Mass 6:30 PM followed by a gathering and a potluck at the Hall.

3- Saturday Jan. 6, is the feast of epiphany, Baptisms 5:30PM; Mass 6:30PM at Mar Abraham.

4- Sunday Jan. 7, we celebrate the Epiphany and Simeon the Elder. We will bless the water and the Candles.

5- We have established a new Fundraising Committee of 15 men to collect donations for the New Church, soon they will be reaching out to everyone before the closing of the escrow occur on or before the end of march 2018.

6- We need $500,000 of donations as a short term goal, and $1M as our goal, by March 2018.

7- So far we have collected about $200,000 of donations, we need everyone’s support to reach our goal quickly.

8- We are applying for a $2M Loan from K of C or other banks, pray for this to happen for the income of our parish is limited.

9- We encourage that each family should participate with $1000 donation for this year. If they can’t afford one payment they can make monthly payments of $100.

10- The new membership dues are $300, try to send them before March 2018.

11- The Liturgical Calendars are available by the council.